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      two sides of my bathtub are tiled (not very well) but the third side – where the faucet is – looks like a piece of greenboard thats been painted over. Needless to say it’s begun to peel and the board is definitely wet underneath. I’d like to tear it out but i live in an apartment and I’m not intending to spend that much on it. I was thinking of using cement board as underlayment and then was hoping that there was some new kind of material i could lay in a whole piece over that that was waterproof – or is there a paint i could use?? I’m a manager at a harware store and do have a medium level of experience.

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      Jenny, Won’t the landlord fix the problem? If not be careful of making repairs. The landlord can take you to court. If you own the apt. try a tub surround, they are fairly inexpensive and are not very hard to install your shop owner may even let you order one.

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      There’s a product made by ABTCO called Aquatile. It’s one piece (similiar to paneling) that is made to take the place of tile. It is applied just as you would apply tile. Go to to get more information. Home Depot sells the stuff for about $20 a sheet (4′ 8′) Good luck!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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