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      I have an older Delta Shower unit that has the push button to send water to the head. It is either leaking in
      the unit or possible at the head but can’t track it. It drips into my basement. I heard Delta had many problems with
      this unit. Do you know Delta’s web address so I can see if they stand behind this problem? Also do I need to tear the
      wall apart and remove tile to replace this four arm unit? I could get to it from the wall on the other side of unit also.
      Either way is it going to be a big job to replace it? This unit was installed in 1986. Also does tile usually just pop
      off and can it be re-used? Thank you for any helpful information.
      PS I am in Denver metro area

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      Brandon Seward

      Randy, take the handle and trim plate off the shower valve.replace just the handle and turn the shower on.If water is coming from the push button diverter, replace it. this part screws into the valve. if the water is coming from the shower head area, reseal or replace the shower arm. as far as your other questions. the valve is 14 years old! It is time to replace some parts!! if you are lucky you can reuse tile, trying to take it off the wall will cause it to break.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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