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        The pipes in my house make a high pitched whine. The noise is continuous whenever the system is in use and comes in a chorus of 2 second duration whenever there is water being drawn.

        I live w/in a half mile of the water filtration plant. I’m wondering if there is too much pressure. This occurred a few years back and I replaced the pressure regulator since it was original equipment and appox. 40 years old. That cleared the problem up but now just 3 years later it’s baaaack.

        Perhaps I was sold an inferior pressure reg. from the home and garden center, though I do recall it setting me back about $30.00.

        If I was sure that replacing it will permanently eliminate the problem I’d be happy to visit a plumbing supply house and purchase a top of the line regulator.

        I just don’t want to go on w/ having to replace the thing every couple of years.

        What are the brand names of reliable pressure regulators and how much can I expect to spend.


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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          This sounds like excessive velocity
          due to high pressure TRY using a “WATTS” brand PRV

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Gee, I had the same problem. The Home Depot employee gave me the same response that SylvanLiMP just gave. However, since Home Depot people don’t drive a $125,000 1987 Mercedes-Benz for which they paid a non-existent luxury tax, I’d much rather rely on the SAME ADVICE given by a licensed plumber who has previously testified as an expert witness.

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