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      Please give very specific, detailed info. on how : to build a French drain,step by step. I have a : pool of water collecting in 2 spots in my backyard : I have already laid out the direction to install : the drain. I can rent a trencher that will dig one : foot deep. The length of my drain will be about 80 : ft. long. The slope is gradual enough for a 12 : deep trench to do the job. I will strip the sod : and save it to cover when the job is finished. My : soil has a lot of clay in it. My concerns: : 1. How wide does the trench have to actually be if : the trencher only removes a 4 width in each : pass? : 2. Do I understand correctly that a cross section : would show the trench first being lined with : the fabric,then 2 of rock, then the 4 perfor- : ated pipe, 2-3 more rock on top of the pipe, : then finished with the soil that had been auger- : ed out, and the sod replaced? : 3. What type and size rock is best to use? : 4. Do I get the desired width by making repeated : passes? : 5. Can I substitute the new drain sleeve fabric : for the standard fabric liner I keep reading : about on this and other sites? This material : is available at Home Depot and I assume as : an alternative to the standard liner fabric??? : 6. How do I figure the amount of rock to have : delivered? Does this size trench sound like : I can possibly just buy bags of rock and : transport in my car?Thanks, Jay

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