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        I’m looking for a phone # that I found on this bulletin board about 2 or 3 weeks ago regarding a product that this person had used and it eliminated all odors including killing the odor of a dead skunk they used it on it has no odor of it’s own the person said it had no site info but had a phone # I called and asked for prices to be sent to me and they said they would send them but I haven’t heard from them now I want to call again but I can’t find the # or his message on this board please find the phone# for me again . I think his message was ODOR ELIMINATER or something about odor in his laundry room Please find it for me. Thank you!!

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          Bacteria Concepts, Inc.
          1400 Brook DriveDowners Grove, IL 60515-1025U.S.A.
          Toll free in U.S.A.: 1-877-BCI-DRBUG (1-877-224-3728)Tel: (630)
          Fax: (630) 261-0064Corporate e-mail: [email protected]
          Web site: http://www.bacteriaconcepts.com

          if this isnt it try searching the bulletin board…. click on the 5th icon the “B.Board search” one above

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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