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      We bought a new house last year. Our house was the last built in our neighborhood. Ever since we bought it, weve had to put up w/ extreme sewer gas odor every evening around 6:00. The smell comes out of the vents on the top of the house. However, if you uncap the clean outs in the front of the house the smell no longer comes from the vents. The city sewer people have come to inspect our lines to make sure they are not clogged using a camera system. They have no idea what could be wrong but they agree that the smell is unlivable. The city says that the problem could be w/ the p-traps. But the plumber who worked on the house when it was built insists that if the if it were a p-trap problem that they would all have to broken, because the smell comes out of every stack, and that the smell would come into the house. Any ideas?

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