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      I have three BRIGGs 4920 1.5 gpf toilets in my 1995 home which get clogged easily. However, the inside shape of the bowl outlet is strangely enough somewhat rectangular. Therefore, none of the 4 plungers I’ve been able to find can seal against the bowl and thus they are pratically useless for clearing these toilets. Is there a (rectangular mouth?) plunger made for these kinds of toilets that are effective or is there some other solution to my problem (short of replacing the toilets) ?

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      Dont use a plunger as your only going to push the stoppage down more. Get a closet Auger from General Spring and wire.

      Removing the obstuction is always better then forcing it down stream.

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      If you are using a toilet auger, becareful you do not scratch the bowl of the toilet!!!

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      Great point Brandon, By the way you ever go to wooster Mountain by the Danbury Air port?
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      Thanks for the help. But if you can spare some more information for this novice. A toilet auger sounds like a way of drilling through or breaking up the obstruction. Is it a like a plumbing snake except for toilets ? Is it used like a snake or is there some special skill required ?

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      I got a picture of the General Spring closet auger from Appears straightforward to hand feed and then rotate to break up the obstruction using the hand-crank. Is there more to it than this (other than to avoid scratching the bowl) ? Thank again.

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      Wanna: When purchasing or renting a closet auger, be sure to specify if your right or left handed.
      Lots of luck…Bud

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