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      I have bought recently a home unit, which one in a complex of 20. Water is supplied to the complex via one water meter, with each unit having a basic shut-off tap.

      Every few minutes of every day and night I get a clunking in the pipes, when I have no taps on at all. My only explanation is that water is surging from within the complex (from other units).

      The clunking I am hearing is far more severe than the clunking I can create myself (by shutting taps off fast). There is usually one loud clunk followed by several smaller, subsiding clunks.

      Is there anything I can do to prevent water surge coming into my unit’s pipes? Perhaps a special valve at the supply?

      This noise is driving me insane, and I would rather avoid cutting holes in the wall.


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      If its comming from the mains supply outside your unit, then contact the body corporate, as its their problem to fix

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      I have since discovered that everybody in the whole units complex has the same problems, so I will contact the body corporate today.

      Has anyone ever heard of water surge entering a property from the street mains?? It could be my only guess…

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      WOW, water hammer from the local hydroelectric power station. You are gonna need a bloody big hammer arestor to take up that one


Viewing 3 reply threads
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