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      I need some help. I just bought a townhouse. My shower is at best luke warm. But I can still get very hot water out of the sink faucets in other parts of the home. If I leave the sink running on Cold, the shower will get hot.

      Any ideas?


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      Sounds like a Hydro Nick was there cross connecting your hot and cold lines and also took a branch off your H/W return.

      What you should try is let the hot water run go down to your H/W tank and feel the discharge line and feel if it is getting hotter, If not then you have a great idea it is off a circulation (return line)

      Then make sure the check valve on the recirculation line is functioning. Good luck

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      Could you let us know the tapware in both the basin and shower

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      Brandon Seward

      Depending on the shower valve you have, it could be the pressure balance spool in the shower valve itself. It could have some grit in the spool not making it work properly.

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      excellent point Brandon,

      I had that on a Delta showerbody when some solder was restricting the flow.

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