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      I have a leak where the water line comes into my house (basement). I was told that the existing line is bursted at the house. Also, I was told to replace the whole line from the street meter (90 feet). Because galvenized pipe doesn’t last more than 30 years, it was best to replace the whole line instead of just patching the bad section. Any comments?

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      I work in buildings with galvanized piping OVER 80 years old still going strong.

      When a water main does give up the ghost you are norally better off replacing the entire main BUT
      before you replace it find out the soil conditions and Ph of the water so you do not install a new pipe to have it corrode in a few years.

      For under ground service I never use anything but Type K copper.

      If you plan on selling this building in the near future just make a repair.

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      Replace it with copper or poly, but replace it since its burst twice now it will continue too. It will just cost you a lot more to repair it in sections

      “If you plan on selling this building in the near future just make a repair.” hmmm moral dilemma

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      Bungie you are correct with the moral dilemma statement.

      The problem is 16 years ago I replaced a water main 11/4″ copper type K less the 30 feet and at that time it cost over $7,800 I wouldn’t venture a guess a price for a 90 ft run

      The reason I even suggested a fix is when someone takes over a building especially commercial you never know what new fixtures or other demands they may put on the water system (fire suppression comes to mind).

      So if these folks were planning of selling they could with good conscience state the water main needs replacement and make some sort of trade off then rather then laying out vast sums of money.

      Your point is very well taken Thank you

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