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      I have a second story toilet, an American Standard that is i believe of the water saver variety, which tends to flush properly only every other flush. On the poor flush, the water swirls high in the bowl and doesnt drain out fast enough to create a proper flush. The next flush will generally be ok, followed by a poor flush, etc. Any thoughts as to the cause of such a problem? Thanks.

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      There could be two reasons.
      [1] Your vent on the roof is closed
      [2] The waste is not leaving the closet bend and it takes two flushes to get enough water to clear out the waste.
      try to raise the water level in your toilet as high as possible or whole down the flush handle after every flush and see if this helps.

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      Another good OLE Foreign made American Standard gives it up.

      Look under the tank lid see if it made in “Mexico” Now if you want a GREAT water saving WC try Crane the $59.00 one.. I have installed literally over 1,500 WITHOUT one call back or complaint I cant say the same for Kohler either as Kohler says “The Bold look” Nothing about Quality I guess

      If you cant get Crane settle for Gerber.

      What you could do to test this #$% toilet you have is take a 5 gallon pail of water and try dumping it in the bowl If it doesn’t take it away with a decent vortex you may have the imported &%$& Or a partial blockage.

      What I do is take the toilet off the floor flange and then dump water directly into the lead bend and if it flows Get rid of the toilet you have.

      The way these *%^@& are designed you cant raise the water level too high as the water will go down the over flow tube.

      Hey don’t feel bad I just sent and entire case of “American” Radiator valves BACK to my supply house as these “American” Radiator Valves were manufactured in Korea.

      Hey do you think Mexico China is made in the United states? along with Korean radiator Valves AMAZING HUH ..Go get em Slick Willie .

      What Bubba Billy did to Monica is he now doing to the “American” worker

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      Nav.Your post says that the toilet works OK every other time.
      The best way to beat the probem your having is simply use that toilet every other time. The rest of the time use a different one or a neighbors if you don’t have atwo toilet houshold.
      Or you can junk that loser and put in a Gerber Ultra flush or a Crane like whatshisname suggested.
      Lots of luck…Bud

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