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        I am remodeling a bathroom in my home. The bathroom is now gutted, the sub floor replaced and the new tub has arrived. I am replacing a 30 year old cast iron tub with a new Kohler Villager cat iron tub. It appears as through the drain from the new tub is located about 1 inch more from the outside wall (this is a left hand 3 wall alcove tub) than the old tub. I have not put the new tub in place yet. The existing drain line can’t be moved, although I have easy access to everything from a hole cut in the ceiling below. Here is an attempt at what it looks like:

        | Tub drain assembly

        ======| Existing pipe and trap

        The new drain assembly is 1 inch out further from the outside wall.
        What can I do?

        Thanks for any suggestions,

        Chris in NY

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          What part of NY are you in as different parts have a different code.

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            I’m in Somers in Westchester County.

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              Chris of course the tub doesn’t line up, the old tub was probably fifty years old. Second that Kohler villager tub is a joke, you can take a decent bath in it, unless your ten years old ( too darn shallow). I’m serious get an Eljer cataloge and order a nice deep tub, then will talk. I’ll get you through this, don’t worry.

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                Hey Pipelayer, thanks for the input but I already have the Kohler tub, my wifr picked it out and wants to keep it, and about the only one who will be taking baths in it is my infant son. So, that being said, what do I do about my pipes?

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                  Hello Cris in NW I have 2 suggestions
                  1 Use a flexable hose to connect your new drain to the old one already in position

                  2 If there is nor enough room under the bath I would suggest using a hammer and chisel to remove some of the concrete around the old drain.This could mean about 3 inches so as to allow the flexible drain to fit.

                  good luck,

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                    Mr.Chris: Kohler will supply a retro-fit hole kit for those such as yourself with drain alignment problems. Simply submit the drawing used in your most enlightening post on this subject.
                    Besure to include the exact dimensions of the changes that are required for your particular retro-fit installation.
                    Kohler has always prided its’self in its’ after purchase service to our millions of satisfied customers.
                    Akmed..Domestic and international Sales Manager.

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