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        My house was built in 1954, and I
        am trying to replace the faucet fixtures in my tub. While removing the old valves, I noticed that the new valves do not fit into the original 3-way splitter. I may need to break down part of the wall to get at the splitter to replace it. However, the bathroom is at the back of the house. Should I go through the outside (stucco) wall or the inside tile wall ? FYI, I have a large crawl space under the house.

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        Avatar photosaltturtle

          If your tile wall is in good shape I wouldn’t fool with it. Go from the outside stucco wall, stucco is so easy to repair, you could even make yourself an decorative access door for future use. Since your working with an outside wall you may want to insulate your pipes also, ( depending on your climate )

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