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      My toilet won’t completly flush down. the bowel filles up with water and swerlles around and some water goes down, but it acts like it is pluged up. I have checked the water level in the tank, it’s about an 1/8 of an inch below the full line. i have added water to make it full to see if that is the problem and that dosen’t help. i have snaked the drain,pulled the toilet off the floor to check for cloges and found none. If i dump a bucket of water ibto the bowel the toilet will flush down completly so i don’t think the drain is pluged. The toilet is an American Standerd. It has been in the house since I bought it in 1971. I have of course changed the tank insides to more updated workings. The unit in the tank is a flushmaster. My water pressure should be ok because I have put in copper pipe in the basement but did not replace the upstairs runs. Please help!

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      Have you checked the sewer vent?

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      Check the jet(hole)in the bottom of the bowl it is possible this hole is partially clogged, also make sure the holes in the rim of the bowl are open.

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      Originally posted by vihe:
      Have you checked the sewer vent?

      No but the rest of my drains work ok and like i said if i dump a bucket of water in the bowel it goes down ok. But I will check the vent, thanks.

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      Originally posted by wpc:
      Check the jet(hole)in the bottom of the bowl it is possible this hole is partially clogged, also make sure the holes in the rim of the bowl are open.

      I have checked the jet hole and cleaned it I have also cleaned all the rime holes with a small wire. I tried what I read on the BB about dish detergent in the tank. I put some powdered dish detergent in the tank and the toilet flushed ok for about 4 or 5 times and then stoped working again. If I put in some more detergent it works ok for a short time. I think I have a hard water-calceium problem. thanks for the help.

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      When you had the pan off did you check to make sure nothing is sitting in the waste of the bowl??
      Sometimes the little plastic holder for toilet disinfectant slips into the pipe and jams

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      Dish detergent? What the hell is that going to do? your problem sounds like calcium build up.check to make sure the orfices around the bowl have a stream of water running through them when you flush.If not, take a part a wire coat hanger and start poking the orfices.A little bit Hercules sizzle down the overflow tube cleans the orfices real good,But to purchase this product you need to be a Licensed Plumber.

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      I have a very similar problem with another brand (Eljer) that has slowly gotten worse. However, if you watch the opening of the flush valve when you flush large air bubbles enter the tank to impede the water from leaving the closet into the bowl. Any one have any guesses as to why air should enter from the drain side? This toilet is located on the first floor. Another identical model toilet is installed on the second floor right above the downstairs one and has no such air bubble or flushing problems. Does any one still think this is a vent problem?

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      If you are getting that heavy a buildup due to calcium deposits (and probably magnesium deposits as well), you have bigger problems then a clogged bowl, you have VERY hard water. First thing I would do is ask for a water sampling (whic I do, I am an anytlical chemist) and have them test the water with an EDTA-Erichrome Black T titration, and that would tell you the exact extent of the problem. IF that is the case, than you need a water softener. Hopefully your problem has an easier solution that would cost you a lot less.

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      I have the same problem and I have checked everything but how do you check the sewer vent. I have caps on all pipes coming to the roof and all other drains work good. Also what is the best way to check the jet hole, I stuck a hanger in there but is there another way?
      Thanks for any help.

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      I have the same problem, but everything worked out except how do I check the sewer vent and jet hole? Thanks for help.

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