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        I’m about to install a shower smart faucet (SSF) for my sister-in-law. She’s got those old galvanized steel pipes (1/2″). The SSF has to be installed in parallel to the existing shower faucets. Replacing the steel pipe for copper or CPVC looks scarey. Can I drill holes in the steel pipe and put saddles on? I saw some 1/2 saddles in the Grainger catalogue. The company (http://www.showersmartfaucet.com) said that their experience with steel pipe is limited. They will get back to me.

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          A pressure-balanced temperature-compensating shower valve does the same work and can be completely installed by a plumber for the cost of this unit. If you want to turn off the water for a military shower, you can get a valved shower head. What else does this thing do? You can’t shower in colder water than you need it to be. It won’t chase the teenager out of the shower.

          Yes, you can put saddle valves on a pipe. But, they usually require gaskets and might need tightening in time. Replacing the galvanized pipe that is there with new fittings and pipe is probably the cost of the saddle valve alone. Then you have to worry about a leak.

          This question looks like SPAM to me.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            1-Saddle valves are illigal in the better plumbing codes.

            2- Saddle valves pierce the existing piping with a much smaller opening NOT allowing full flow.

            3- Saddle Valves are normallly made of brass and connecting non ferrous to ferrous metals sets up
            galvanic corrosion, electrolytic action and premature piping failures and this connection results in failures resulting in either a blocked port or a severe leak.

            4- The saddle valve relies on a rubber gasket for water tight intergrity which does dry out over time especially on hot water lines

            5-The connection on the discharge side of the saddle valve is normally compression and not known for strenth or high working pressures or hydraulic shock

            SURE you can use it ask NICK as it isnt his HOME so who cares right?

            The main thing is GET IN GET OUT CHEAP forget Right as the right job should have no bearing on your decision.

            By the way Nick what Formal training do you possess in plumbing? As I am sure the code authorities would love to see your work.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Hey bill why not install a GREAT Quality Valve like ANY that are approved by the ASSE and NSF Why use a plumbing device approve by an electrical testing lab?

              Delta,Holby, Simons,Lawyer, Watts,Gerber, Moen ,Crane ALL make FANTASTIC Valves that even are suited for the Barrier free designs. The Brand you menthioned IN myProfessional opinion I wouldnt TAKE FOR FREE Actually I wouldnt even take a chance of installing it in a dog house.

              But hey its your sister in law Do you possibly have HEAVY insurance on her?

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                That’s right Sylvan its not my home and its not yours. Its not even yore state. Homeowners can do what they want. I told him that valve is no good, but he can do it anyway. If he wants to spent 600 bucks to save 50 bucks a year with a dumb electric thing thats his call. Hillary Clintin will straighten out you new york bullies.

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                  I can get a fitting for gal pipe called a malco union, its a compression fitting for the pipe, you cut out the section of pipe then slide this fitting in place. Maybe you have the same fitting over there ???

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                  Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                    Bungie the fitting you just described is called a “Dresser Coupling”
                    The problem with this type of fittings is most stumble bums who would resort to this type of repair would never spend the extra bucks to use a riser clamp on either side of it.

                    The Origional “drsser” company made a quality product but this is not the case with the cheap imports

                    Also We use a “Dresser” coupling on
                    a gas supply line BUT this has certain restrictions like being insulated and made to certain specifications.

                    I have found a lot of the cheap imports also fail causing lots of water damage BUT hey to each his own.

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                      No you dont get what yu pay for Sylvan. If Bungie or me comes in and puts in a Malco compresion tee or you come in and put in galvanize fittings, he gets shower water at half the price he would pay you even if the compresion or clamp thing is more expensive than the pipe and fittings. But hes gointo cut his pipe and put this thing in himself so its even cheaper. I put in these compresion parts myself lots of time to get the job done fast. I never had anybody complain yet. If he puts in this clamp fitting, he gets a little less water throu a litle hole but hes trying to cut down on water use anyway to save money. So whats wrong with that?

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                      Avatar photobungie

                        a malco union is the complete fitting. Effectively a gal tube with a compression nut on each end and a rubber ring inside. no need for any other fittings. These fittings are NOT standards approved for gas work.

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