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      I recently bought a house with a well. While filling a small pool one day I found I had no water upstairs and a small amount downstairs. Since then it has increased but not to its original amount. The water pressure is low in all the facuts espically downstairs though it seems to increase a little somethimes. What can I do?

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      Mary- I tried to E-mail you because this might get involved, but they say your address is bad. So lets try to solve this one step at a time. Find your pressure guage, it should be near a tank where the well line comes into the house , or outside in a well house. Run some water and read the lowest point the pressure gets to before it starts going back up. That is the cut-in pressure- what is it? Turn off the water and make sure none is being used, running toilets, drippy faucets, etc. The pressure should increase and finally stabalize. That is the cut-out pressure- what is it? Now watch the guage for 5-10 minutes. Does the pressure remain the same or slowly drop?

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