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        My husband and I recently bought a small condominium and would like to free up a closet by moving the existing water heater into the attic directly above. The attic is easily accessible and the plumbing could be easily (I think)stretched to reach the water heater if moved into the attic. My question is (1) is it possible to move the water heater; (2) is it done very often; and (3) what kind of preparation is required to accomplish the move. Please advise via email [email protected] with answers relating to my questions. Thank you.

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          It is done, if not often, because:
          It may be against code in some areas; preventing water problems in an attic is a fearful theme.
          A 40 gallon water heater weighs over 350 pounds; so it must be on a sturdy foundation.
          It definitely requires a safety pan and drain to carry away any water from a relief velve or leak.
          The electric wiring is best done with a disconnect nearby the unit.
          Attics can get cold enough to freeze water pipes.

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