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      I’m wanting to fix a pinhole leak in my ceiling copper pipe. Can anyone help?

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      If there is a pinhole leak in the pipe, it is time to replace it. A patch today can mean a leak tomorrow. If it is a leak in the fitting connection, that is best to replace also.

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      Not knowing what caused the leak I can only tell you what I have found very successful when a carpenter put a sheet rock screw into a copper tube pipe causing a small leak.

      I isolate the leaking pipe, clean the heck out of the piping around this hole and braze this hole closed.

      The brazing alloy is actually stronger then the tubing (87,000 PSI Tensile strength)

      Use the sil flow type so you wont have the need for flux (self fluxing on copper) and have a fire extinguisher ready.

      Heat the tubing add the filler metal KEEP AWAY as far as possible from other “soldered joints” you may need a few heat sinks placed near by

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      I see you don’t fallow code do you?

      Code says you can not cover up holes in pipes it needs tp be repaired the corret way, use a coupling for the repair.

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      Please do not question SylvanLIMP. After all, he has testified as an expert witness in the past.

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      I commend you on your consistent willingness to assist those who seek advice on this forum. Keep up the good work.

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      Originally posted by Jack:

      Please do not question SylvanLIMP. After all, he has testified as an expert witness in the past.

      Codes are codes if you can’t follllow them, when why are you giving advice.

      Go Figure

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      A bad plumber will always give bad advice, and there are some on this board.

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      This site is killing me. You know what else you can do ? Use some master plumber epoxy putty. That stuff is way strong, it’s what they use at NASA.

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      There seems to be more handymen on here then plumbers.

      I fix things the correct way, and not just a patch, taking shortcuts on a repairs is not the plumbers way of doing things, oh wait thats right, your not plumbers on here, are you?

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      Your 100% correct plumber John I dont “Fallow” code and nope I dont do it the “corret” I leave that to the HIGHLY professionals like YOU.
      About the use of a coupling have you though about the possibility of using a brazing rod to seal this hole as this “corret” way is stronger ten the base metal itself having a tensile strenth of over 87,000 PSI and that is in the AWS Code and it is “Correct” repair in most model codes.

      Plumber John did you ever take a written test?

      PS I feel so sorry Jacks parents only having a Still born kid.

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      This site is hysterical, here some guy says fallow code BUT he has no idea what the local code says But he does it the “corret” way like no one else does.

      Yup sir you SURE do want to let Plumer John near a torch in your home.

      PLUMMMER John sure do know his codes and sight unseen HE knows the pipe needs a coupling The good Lord gave him insight.

      My Good Friend Harold at least admits he isnt a plumber BUT he is trying BUT he is a great heating guy

      Now FYI a lot of times during a freeze up on the return bends on an air handler coil I have brazed this splits with silver rods where I managed to save the entire coil from being replaced.

      Brass fitting also split long before the brass pipe as they are cast and AGAIN Brazing is not only legal it is a stronger connection then the original pipe.

      As for Sticky Buns remark RE Epoxy for closing up a hole WHY NOT as the posting did not say potable water lines it said “fix a pinhole leak in my ceiling copper pipe”

      This pipe could very well be a condensate NO PRESSURE drain line from an AC system. A lot of “epoxy’s are approved by the NSF

      It could be part of a hydronics piping or even a DWV waste line. But the brain dead know exactly whats leaking sight unseen

      Only plummmmber John says do it to code WHICH CODE?

      AWWA? ASSE? SPC? SBCCI? Local, state or Federal code?

      PLUMBER John PLEASE State WHERE in the “code” it is illegal to BRAZE a pipe? please john tell me I need to learn the Correct way of doing plummmin

      Come on John ENLIGHTEN US show everyone WHERE it is NOT to code ANY CODE PLEASE John show me give me the code your referring to and section.

      As an “Expert” witness I have to give FACTS for accountability NOW John you be the new EXPERT tell US where you found brazing ILLEGAL or contrary to “code” YOU can even pick the code OK ?

      Come on John you be DA Man, You don’t want folks to think your a liar do you? Or a DAMN fool who said code without having proof and not really knowing the “code” or codes.

      JUST give me the CODE section your talking about ANY CODE your heart desires OK PLUMMMMMIN John?

      Hey PLUMER John when you show me WHERE and in which code you said I violated I will donate $500 to the American cancer society in YOUR HONOR. Thanking you in advance for your insight into “code”

      Please John dont fail us and letting everyone think your a moron who has no idea what the are saying. I could use the tax write off anyway

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      Sylvan your all words that all, you are nothing and your a disgrace to the plumbing industry.

      Want don’t you find a real job, like shining shoes, you moron.

      Get a real job and stop your leading steering people in the wrong direction.

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      John does this mean you are INCOMPETENT and you lied about knowing ANY Codes.

      John you poor, poor Failure wanna Be plumber, Your the BIG mouth saying not to code WHAT code I asked you? You poor simpleton handyman couldn’t find anything to prove you know ANYTHING about a simple trade like plumbing.

      Even the easy to understand simpleton code should that EVEN you should be able to understand, the standard plumbing code EASIEST code there is YOU don’t understand it wow.

      Hey Mr. Brain Whiz DON’T call yourself a plumber as your NOTHING in plumbing BUT a failure.

      John go out and go to school and TRY to LEARN something relating to SOMETHING to this trade, we have Enough Stumble bums dabbling here

      The standard plumbing code section 605.12.1 SEE also 605.14.1 and SEE 605.15.1 see SPC sections SEE 705.4.1 section 705.7 AND see section 705.8.1 ALL relating to BRAZING and Copper .

      John too bad you don’t know code interpetations, otherwise I would tell you READ AWS CODE A 5-8
      about filler metals and FUSION welding AND. Well, what’s the Use YOU will Never in your life be a real plumber as you THINK you know everything. My Helpers KNOW more then you can ever hope to learn.

      I’m sorry for you John But you JUST DON’T KNOW what your talking about.

      All I asked you to do is please tell me my error that you said I made and you couldn’t prove your NOT a lying idiot dang you poor guy.

      LEARN the basics guy before you think about making any real money in this field.

      Know what loser cause I feel so sorry about YOU LYING on here I still will donate the $500 to the Cancer society BUT in the name of WANNA BE.

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      310.0 Workmanship

      310.2 It is unlawful to conceal cracks, holes, or other imperfections in materials by welding, brazing, or soldering or by using therein or thereon any paint, wax, tar, or other leak-sealing or repair agent.

      One thing I hate is some non-compliance handyman, that you are, tell me I don’t know my codes. I also hate those that can’t fallow and uphold the codes.

      Like I said get a real job, you don’t belong in the plumbing industry.

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      Your turn Sylv,
      I forgot how entertaining this site can be.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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      SylvanLIMP is right, although he did not say it in so many words: You would be far more credible on this website if you learned how to spell.


      Like I said in my other response, are you SURE you want to talk about my family?

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      Originally posted by Jack:

      SylvanLIMP is right, although he did not say it in so many words: You would be far more credible on this website if you learned how to spell.

      SylvanLIMP, He’s a loser, he thinks he knows it all, but he don’t, he hates being told he’s wrong, and he can not handle it.

      He may be right about the which is stronger, but he is totally wrong when it comes to codes.

      He can’t stand the fact there is very knowledgeable plumbers out here, and he can’t get it his pea brain that he’s not right all the time


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      Idiot John AGAIN you misquoted the code WHAT conceal? A brazed REPAIR is EXPOSED DUH.

      The process of BRAZING is used even to BUTT weld piping and the brazing filer metal is STRONGER then the base metal. You also FAILED (as usual) to give WHICH code you took this out of HUH?

      In the future if you Quote a section of a code give the reference your referring to, NFPASSESTM.,NBBIWWA,SPC, SBCCIWS, etc., God are YOU thick headed

      No wonder you could never pass a simple plumbing exam.

      Brazing a pin hole Or soldering a PIN hole is considered MINOR repairs Further more you stumble bum non licensed brain dead handyman WHERE did you read WHAT this pipe was being used for that had the pin hole?

      You ASSUMED it was a water line Or you assumed it was a drain line Or did you ASSUME it was an AC condensate drain line.

      Was this pin hole caused by erosion from high velocity FPS or was it a defective soldered joint OR was it from a screw piercing this pipe?

      John your a stumble bum guessing WHAT caused this pin hole sight unseen YOU are a VERY dangerous idiot and YOUR boss should give you TRAINING in never assuming until you see the actual job.

      Go to school and LEARN the codes and ask a licensed plumber to educate you in the proper repair according to “code” John if Brains were dynamite YOU sir couldn’t even blow your nose

      John Think about this OK Wanna be plumber. A TEE DRILL makes a HOLE in copper tubing that allows for the addition of a branch line WITHOUT a fitting SO how can it be illegal to BRAZE a pin hole using a filler metal that is not only stronger then the base metal BUT the silver content is approved by EVER code including the safe water drinking act.

      Are you SURE John you know HOW to READ and understand without pictures?

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      Jack I would never talk about YOUR family God love them for having you as a son.

      May God continue giving them STRENTH.
      :-) Hey is could be worse imagine John being your kid WOW

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      You are so stupid, you don’t even know the meaning of words, go back to school you moron.

      Conceal = cover up, Hide, Out of site, Out of mind.

      Does not mean hide in the wall,

      Your such a lowlife.

      Your a failure, a loser and a not even a good handyman, if that’s what you call yourself.

      Me I call you a wanabe, which you will never be.

      UPC is where the code comes from, if you were a plumber and not a fake you would not have to ask where I get my codes.

      Sorry I’m my own boss, and have been in business many years.

      Education is what you need moron I don’t need it.

      Your the one that need pictures, cause you sure can’t read or understand.

      Get out of the plumbing industries, there enough wanna be’s all ready.

      Oh and SylvanLMP, don’t forget to take your meds, don’t want to see you kill over, I’ve just begone to find you wrong over and over again.


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      Originally posted by RTKaliher:
      I’m wanting to fix a pinhole leak in my ceiling copper pipe. Can anyone help?

      Oh and SylvanLMP,

      Even if the word conceal meant, in walls, which that is not what this code means, the poster said fix the pipe in the ceiling, Now look close, read, get you glasses on, CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING CEILING


      This will probaly be coved back up. But htis means nothing to what the code says, Code does not say in walls, exposed, under slabs, in the ground.

      It means all, not just cause you want it to say, what you think it says.

      Wait this is too much for a pea brain of yours, you willl never yourstand, your a lost mental case.


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      TheLocalPlumber wrote on 10 September 2000 at 04:49 PM:
      Your turn Sylv,
      I forgot how entertaining this site can be.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

      Hey Bill WELCOME back guy.

      When you have time why not consider joining my site the PIPDL?

      Rod and Bud and Linda, Dusty,Harold plus a few engineers and chemists and lots of LMPs are here hey 68 members cant all be wrong.

      we have open topics and now we even are starting FREE training in hydronics and HVAC.

      We even have some good ole Boy red necks LOL with lots of out house plumbing idea’s.

      We have a lot of your kind on here (Left coasters) like Larry and Linda who is co ownner.

      Bill just send either Linda or me an E mail and your in.

      The list is unlike any you have been on thats for sure.

      Even Matt the computer Whiz is on it plus several code officals looking to chat.

      Bill take care and Nice seeing your name again. WELCOME DUDE

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