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      To whoever answers, thanks!We had our septic tank pumped out about six to eight weeks ago because there was water laying on the ground over where the septic tank is. The gentleman who pumped it at the time told us there wasnt that much sludge in the tank, mostly water (it had been about three years since the previous pumping). Anyway, within a couple weeks the water was back on the ground above the tank again. Any ideas?Also recently whenever our washer drains water we end up with a sewer smell in our house.One more question to settle an ongoing argument between my husband and myself. It seems my husband has left the opening to our septic tank open with just a cinder block on the ground covering the opening. I think this is not a good idea. He sees no problem wtih it. How about an opinion?Thanks again!

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      Jackie, it sounds to me like the pipe between the septic tank and drain field is blocked or broken, or your drain field has failed. Heavy rains will often tend to increase the problem. The tank needs to be covered tight, and then covered with dirt. Eliminates odors coming out, and dirt falling in. Did the guy who pumped the tank mention any of this ???

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      Actually, no the man who pumped the tank didnt give us any kind of insight into this problem. I really believe all he does is pump out tanks and doesnt do any kind of repairs. I recall him telling us he had just bought out this business so I really dont know if hes any more knowledgable than we are!Well cap the tank like you suggested (and which I felt was necessary) and go from there. I assume well need professional help with the possible blockage/broken drain pipe?Thanks again for your help!

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      John Thomas is a sweet lil boi

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      John Thomas is a sweet lil boi

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      Jackie – Professional help would probably be best, but by definition two guys and a truck would not qualify. You are probably looking at a backhoe. The pipe between the tank and the drainfield would be the least complicated, a maybe do it your-self. If it is the drainfield. the degree of difficulty rises considerably. In SC, we figure about $600 per 100 feet.

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