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      John Gary Martin

      Thanks Bud…The water heater is in my home 220v I used the 4500 watt 240v element..and I think I filled the tank before turning back on. (anyway I was aware that is the procedure). I changed the outlet because it seemed alittle burned for soom reason. But my wife didnt think it looked burned just dirty. Any way the electricity is working. I have the right elements in place. Do you think I could have crossed the wires? Would that cause it to shut down? This to me seems to be the only other option. Although My father was present and thinks the wires are correct. Anyway thanks for your interest! Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Joe Boguszewski

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      Joe Boguszewski

      Joe: ..Your post didnt say if it was a Quick Recovery model (Two Elements) ?Be sure that the little red button is pushed in…. If it has two elements, the yellow and blue wires go to the upper element, and the black and red to the lower element. If you have 220 volts going to the upper element, it should heat, if it doesnt….change the upper element. If you have 220 volts going to the bottom element and no hot water…change the lower element. If your not getting 220 volts to your heater…check the breaker in the breaker box.Bud

Viewing 1 reply thread
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