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      My toilet was only flushing a partial flush so I replaced the inside with all Fluidmaster parts even replaced the handle flush. Now the toilet double flushes. I’ve tried adjusting the chain but the flapper just does not want to drop at the right time.

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      If you have a 1.6 gallon toilet get the original flapper. Some toilets will double flush when to much water is released into the bowl.

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      You replaced the original flapper, no doubt do to poor performance. Fluidmaster makes another flapper with an adjustable “drop” check into this.

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      Try lowering the water level LESS water less flushing action. Ta Dum

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      Lowering the water generally is not an option, the height of the water in the tank gives a little more pressure in the flushing action.

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      Brandon Seward

      replace the flapper with the same brand name of the toilet

Viewing 5 reply threads
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