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        We are installing a bathtub in an alcove with three walls (which we are tiling), and we are planning to put a short tile wall on the exposed side of the bathtub. As a result, we are planning to get a ‘drop-in’ style tub. Do we need to get a tub that has an integral flange on three sides? If so, I am having trouble finding a 5′ by 30” tub with an integral flange on three sides. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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        Avatar photobungie

          Didnt know you could get one.
          shower trays come with different combinations of raised side 2 and 3, but baths just the one … all 4 sides

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          Avatar photoBrandon Seward

            A tile in bead is what you need for your tub white rubber flange that is molded to your tub rim to form a flange. If not a lot of builders just build the wall out a half an inch or so to make the finish tile wall past the rounded rim of the tub, and silicone between the wall and tub. they never had a problem.

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