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      Greg Barry

      I just removed old tile from my bathroom floor. I now have the busted up mortar-stuff on top of wire mesh on top of the wood floor. Do I have to remove all the old mortar-stuff, or can I use something to fill it in level and put the new tile on top? Help?

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      Sorry, but the solution isnt easy. The durability of a ceramic tile installation is highly dependant on the substrate underneath the tile. There is no easy-to-instal leveling compound (at least I havent heard of one) to level out a broken mortar bed. I suppose new mortar installed in the voids might work, but the old mortar bed would have to be solid. I would recommend removal of the old mortar bed and starting all over.Also, by exposing the old subfloor you will be able to assess its condition and make the needed repairs. A sound subfloor is essential, especially if you are going to install the tile on a thin bed installation, such as concrete backer board. If you do use backer board for the substrate, be sure to follow the directions and bond it directly to the wood subfloor with thinset.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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