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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I have an old house with Galvanized pipes and I am on city water. I know what kind of problems that can cause right of the bat. Cold water pressure is good. The hot water pressure is so bad that only one faucet will produce a little hot water at a time, if a second faucet is turned on it literally only drips.
        I assume that there must be some kind of flow restriction in the supply to the hot water heater or a restriction in the pipe exiting the water heater.
        The wate heater itself is over 12 years old now, could this problem be a sign that the water heater just neads to be replaced.
        I don’t plan to stay in this house more than a couple years and wish to avoid replacing galvinized pipes by any means possible.

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          The process of heating water produces sediments. Every 10 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature doubles the speed of chemical reaction. Electric water heater elements and gas water heater exchangers usually lime up first because that is a hot spot. The rate of collection is proportionate to the amount of chemicals in the water source.

          The dielectric process between galvanized and copper connections creates a gathering place for chemical compounds, so rust and other compounds collect at the exit to the hot water lines. Dielectric unions help, but collection is a matter of time. After a sacrificial anode is used up, the process accelerates.

          Water heaters just need to be replaced from time-to-time. Water lines clog up from moving sediment. Blowing off the bottom of the water heater periodically, you can extend the life of water heaters a bit; but replacement is inevitable.

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          Avatar photobungie

            Just try a couple of cheaper things first, kill the water to the house. Remove the stop cock to the hot water system and check the valve and pipe. You quite often get a reaction there and rust builds up blocking the pipe. Check any inline strainers on the hot water system. Some systems, like the Saxon, have a flow restrictor in the popper valve, rust collects here too. you never know ya luck in the big city

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