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      I am looking to replace the copper pipe in my central Florida home with CPVC. I am plagued by pinhole leaks in my copper. Is CPVC recommended for residential water? Is it safe? Is there a problem with glue that gets inside the pipes? Thank you for your assistance.

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      From http://www.greenpeace.org/~toxics/
      “PVC (both soft and hard) is one of the most widely used types of
      plastics. It is used for packaging in cling film and bottles, for consumer
      products such as credit cards and audio records, for construction in
      window frames and cables, for imitation leather, and around the home
      in pipes, flooring, wallpaper and window blinds. It is used by
      manufacturers for car interiors, in hospitals for medical
      disposables…and many more things.

      During the production of PVC, dioxins, some of the most toxic chemicals
      known, are created and released. Over their lifetime, PVC products can
      leak harmful additives. Furthermore, at the end of their lifetime, PVC
      products must be either burned or buried. Burning creates and releases
      more dioxins and other chlorine-containing compounds that contaminate
      our land and waterways. Attempts to recycle PVC have proven difficult,
      so much of it ends up in landfills.

      Chemicals, such as phthalates, are added to PVC to make it soft and
      flexible. Laboratory studies in animals show that some of these
      chemicals are linked to cancer and kidney damage and may interfere
      with the reproductive system and development. In addition, recent
      testing by several governments concludes that children can ingest
      hazardous chemicals from PVC toys during normal use.

      Governments and industry are taking action to eliminate the PVC
      threat. The Danish and Swedish governments are restricting PVC use.
      Hundreds of communities around the world are eliminating PVC in
      buildings. And many companies such as Nike, IKEA and The Body Shop
      have committed to eliminating PVC from all their products.”

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      I would suggest looking into this site http://www.flowguardgold.com/techni/technfs.htm

      Taken from California Building Officals web site

      HCD Issues Bulletin on CPVC
      The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has issued a bulletin on the status of CPCV. A recent court decision has made an already confusing situation a nightmare for building departments.

      The bulletin clarifies the application of the court decision in relation to recent legislation which permitted the use of CPVC in California if certain criteria were met. AB 151 of 1996 permitted jurisdictions to adopt standards at the local level to facilitate the use of CPVC. To be effective, such local standards had to be adopted by 1/1/97. According to HCD’s records, about 40 jurisdictions enacted local CPVC standards.

      The court action, which was rendered by the San Francisco Superior Court, dictated that because the State had never completed the EIR it commenced in the 80’s, no statewide standards may be adopted. As such, the emergency standards adopted by HCD last year are void. In addition, the standards contained in AB 151 are set to “sunset” at the end of 1997. A bill sponsored by CPVC manufacturers was introduced this year to remove the sunset date, but fierce opposition from the Pipe Trades Council appears to have killed the bill at this point.

      There may be other options the state will explore on this issue. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery how 49 other states and most water mains can rely on CPVC and its derivatives, but in California it is dangerous to use CPVC in housing. Stay tuned for further updates.

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