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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        We are hoping to bury or discharge hose this comming weekend and are unsure of exactly how to go about it. How deep
        should it be buried? What type of hose/pipe should we use? Are there any specifics that we should be aware of?

        We really apreciate your help!

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        Avatar photoBrandon Seward

          Jeff, what is this for? Septic? sump pump? where do you live? if you are burying a pressured line keep it below the frost line.Ct/ ny is 4ft. use a schdule 40 pvc. if it not under pressure use a 1/4 inch per foot pitch to where you are discharging too. it can be any where in the ground. Watch out for power lines, Water lines Sewer/Septic lines, and most important Gas lines, when you are getting ready to dig!! I hope this helps you!! I tried

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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