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      Our pipes in the bathroom wall have begun humming when we turn a faucet on and off. This did not begin until my husband moved a water line outside of the house that runs to the barn. Any ideas of what is going on?

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      This happens from time-to-time when the measured length of the newly created water column creates an exact tuned length. Statistically, the major note produced is a D natural. The usual corrective action is to install a copper wye, sometimes known as a detuning fork.

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      Miss ura: I have the feeling that your humming toilet is the result of a defective ball cock in the toilet tank. Next time you have an opportunity, take the tank lid off and then open a faucet to initiate the humming recital. If you are successful in getting things humming on the first try you are a real “humdinger”.
      If the ball cock is at fault, you will see a series of teeny tiny waves forming right near the top of the ballcock.
      If this is the case, simply lift the float rod up gently and see if it stops. If it stops humming, install a new ballcock or make your husband sleep out in that barn til he does.
      On the other hand if it still continues to make a nuisence of itself with all that humming,we will have to go to plan “B”.
      Please advise on your findings.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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