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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Have you ever heard of bottle traps
        for lavatory traps being installed in lieu of the usual P-traps?

        Are these type of traps recommended or are there any disadvantages to them?

        Thank you for your assistance.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Yes I have heard of them and the following traps should not be used in lieu of a “P” trap

          Traps that depend on moving parts to maintain their seal.

          Bell,pot,bottle traps and traps with interior partitions and crown vented traps and catch basins located inside a building are all illigal in most model codes.

          Traps constructed of masonry.

          The “bottle trap” has an interior partition THAT IS WHY it is illegal to use.

          All fixture traps EXCEPT grease and sediment interceptors shall be self scouring.

          This is not possible with partitions this why we don’t use them.

          Send it to Bungie as I am sure he can find some place to put it while riding his DUNE buggy at break neck speeds. :-)

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