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      Due to lousy water pressure (about 40 lbs.) and quality (lots of calcium), my cold water supply in my upstairs faucets and showers is little more than a trickle. I have removed and completely cleaned out the fixtures, but that does not help. They were not clogged to begin with. I did recently remove a valve in the basement that allows a trickle of water to a basement drain, it was full of build up. I suspect that the cold water supply line is slowly becoming clogged between the entry to the house and the upstairs fixtures. Is it possible to install a valve in the basement, shut off the main water supply, drain the lines, then chemically back flush the supply lines to clean them out? BTW – the hot water is ok, I drain the tank a couple of times a year which produces a lot of crap. Also, our city has recently installed new pumps which should raise the water pressure over the next several months. HELP! Thanks!

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      Hi UD, you stated that when you removed a valve it was full of build up.

      This sounds like you have galvanized piping which came into contact with a brass valve thus causing galvanic action (electrolytic action) between the dissimilar metals.

      Ferrous and non ferrous and I would strongly suggest you do not use any chemicals BUT you can used either water to back flush lines OR low air pressure.

      Your only biding your time until you may need a repipe.

      You could also look into a filtration system to remove some of these minerals from going into your piping system.
      Good Luck

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