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      Have a closet flange that sits about 1/4-1/2″ above a hardwood floor (which has settled around flange). I have installed toilet, using shims all the way around, so toilet actually sits above floor. Seems solid (no wobble), but makes me nervous. Any advice?

      Thank you.

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      Sir have you checked your plumbing code?

      I am amazed in this day and age people still have no idea that toilets must be installed on NONABSORBENT materials.


      Very unsanitary wouldnt you say?

      I can imagine all the great mold growing under this toilet from the moisture.

      My, my, my, Oh well to each their own

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      Thanks for the advice…Oh, wait a minute, that wasn’t advice, just ramlings from a know-it-all asshole.

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      Yup it takes a CERTAIN type of GENIUS to put a toilet on a wood floor.

      I guess Out house mentality at work AGAIN.. Hey Genius ever think the floor “Settled” as it from moisture DUH.

      Hey Brain man ever go to a REAL bathroom and SEE a wood floor OR Did you think this up ALL by yourself?

      One born every minute. They ask questions and don’t want to hear the truth
      TSK, TSK, TSK,
      Thank you again for your PROFESSIONAL comment

      You DESERVE A wood floor under a TOILET LOL

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      I would’nt say Sylvan knows it all, but he damn sure knows more than you. It’s easy to tell from what you have said with your own words.


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      Actually timber bathroom floors look great, polished brass fittings including floor waste grates really top it off. Of course this needs to be sealed with a clear epoxy. This is to code in Australia

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      Lets see ask for advice , get some GOOD advice and call the advice giver a bad name.Listen stupid ,your question had idiot written all over it,why dont you go work on the electric panel or something with moving parts ? The problem with doing plumbing improperly is that most of the time it takes years and years for the problem to show up and by then, the dimwit that caused the problem has moved on or is deceased .Have a good one.The Plumber protects the Health of the World. JIM

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      Bret, You have shamed yourself. Not only do you not know what you are talking about but you have called the “Expert” a bad name. sir, you have made a true ARSS of yourself.

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      Bret: Shimming is allowed in such cases as yours. However selecting the correct shim material is of great importance, especially in your case.
      Wood is not really the best selection as one of the other guys hinted. Flattened pieces of copper tubing can be used but in time will stain your floor beneath the bowl and cause your guests to wonder about yor marksmanship.
      Sheet Lead was used for this type of shimming when I was new to the trade, but as you know Lead has fallen from grace with the DER.
      ..DEP and other agencies. Plumbers are no longer allowed to say the “L” word.
      What I’m going to suggest will at first sound pretty stupid (That is not unusual at all)..I suggest that you shim that toilet up to the needed level with “Krugerands”.
      My guess is that eight or ten of the these would supply a fairly stable perch for your potty.If you wish you can substitute “Maple Leafs”..”Pandas” or “American Eagles” for this purpose. These gold coins are not subject to deterioration from adverse conditions and will with stand any abuse short of your house burning to the ground.
      The practical aspect of this shimming material will become apparent shortly. The price of Gold as of todays market quote is approximately $275.00 per ounce. Your cost for 10 of these bad boys will be in the neighborhood of $3500.00 US.
      When you fall through the rotted out floor while astride your white porcelien charger, you will at least have satisfaction of knowing that you have enough money set aside to defrey the expense of having all that broken pottery surgically removed from your hind parts.
      Bud…….Suncoast Plumbing

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      Hey Bret,
      You did not tell us how much money you saved by doing it yourself.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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