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        My toilet is slow to drain. When it does drain it drains completely rather than returning to the standard level. Sometimes, however, it behaves normally for a few flushes (we are not flushing any solids down this toilet at the time). The problem has resisted all manners of chemical and biological drain cleaners and plunging. We have also tried to flush any trapped debris out of the air vent but I have no idea if there was anything trapping the air vent or not in the first place. A few months ago we had the entire line snaked by a professional. This cleared the line nicely but we would like to avoid this approach every other month. There is a posibility that an older section of pipe is damaged but since the other drains in the house drain normally I dont think this is the case. Is there a way to tell if the problem is in the toilets pipes or the air vent? Is there a product that does a good job clearing toilets? (I notice that most drain products warn the user not to use them in a toilet) What is an indication that a pipe is damaged?Thank you in advance for any help you may have.

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