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        cksmile wrote on 24 August 2000 at 01:53 PM:
        I need to create a system that will pump house water up and over a 150ft rise through about 2000 ft of pipe.
        I only have about 40psi of pressure at the water tap. I have no idea where to start. Any clues will be greatly appreiciated.

        Harold Kestenholz wrote on 24 August 2000 at 03:49 PM:
        Clues… let’s see… I have 40 psig which is good for getting water out of the taps. I have a height of 140 feet to overcome…
        ____Reminds me of the time the fellow was going to the moon and wanted instructions…I got done, and then he said all that equipment was great; but he could only afford to walk there____

        If you are only concerned with getting (unspecified amount of) water over the top, a booster pumpset at the 80 foot high point will get water over the top. 40 psig (without having to overcome much resistance from small pipe)will get water about 90 feet high.
        So a booster with more than 20 psig will get it from up there at 80 feet to over the hump.

        Now the REAL questions: How much water do you want to get over there; because you have to consider the pipe and pump sizes for flow rates? What are you doing with the water before it enters the booster set; dropping water pressure from taps before you boost it can make strange behavior? What are you using the water for on the other side of the hill; because you will have at least 60 psig at the bottom on the other side, so you might have to reduce the pressure there?

        cksmile wrote on 24 August 2000 at 04:32 PM:
        I was rather vague in the problem.
        The water dept demands that I use 2in pipe the whole way. The rise over the hill is about 160ft (1300 linear ft) but the fall on the other side is only about 80ft (700 linear ft).

        I need the water for typical home use (family of 5 or 6) plus some landscaping.

        I have been given several different unclear sugestions:

        A holding tank at the botom of the hill with a presure pump feeding the house or a tank at top of the hill with a presure pump feeding the tank.

        Does this help better define my problem.

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          I would recomend that you go see a pump specialist in your location. I believe a pump located inline in the water service will do the job with a expansion tank @ regulator would do the job. you will need to know what the water meter gallons/minute flow rate is to properly size the pumping system, any system any larger will not work properly.

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