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        My 70 yr old French house has 3/4″ threaded brass water pipe which I’ve occassionaly repaired via cutting out & threading new sections w/unions.

        However, I have a tiny drip coming from a threaded joint of some pipe running just beneath a tiled bathroom floor (accessible from the basement). There’s hardly any clearance to work (there’s cement just above the pipe) and the pipe disappears in different directions & I’m afraid if I tear into it, I’ll loosen up something elsewhere

        The drip is maybe 30 drops a day. Is there any quick fix expoxy/sealant etc I could use at the thread entry point to stop this? It’s sitting over an area where I store books, so I’d like to eliminate it

        Regards, Ron

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          Most brass piping over 50 years old do develope some type of leak.

          My home for example has old brass that leaks and being left alone the slight drip stops and it should last last another 20 years without ever having to be replaced.

          A leaking thread is one thing that can lead to bigger problems.

          Hercules makes a propoxy that can be a great stop gap approach for leaks BUT again if it is the threads you may have to think about replacing some of this piping

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