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      I am looking for an inexpensive way to convert my old fashioned bathtub to a shower. I am renting an
      old house that does not have a “real” shower. The landlord will not pay for anything. The tub is sitting in
      the middle of the room; there are no walls save a mansard.

      Are there any kits? The bathtib nozzle is about the size of a small carrot.

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      They make a hose that attaches to the tub spout (push on type)

      I see a lot of these on old buildings (100 years +)

      Now for the bad news they are illigal as they can cause a back syphonage if left un attended and in a full bath of dirty water AND someone shuts a valve to the riser AND opens a faucet on the same line (riser) a floor below yours.
      Having said that go ao an OLD hardware store and they may have it. Good luck in your quest

Viewing 1 reply thread
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