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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I am getting a rotten egg smell in the sink drain. Clorox cures it for about a week and then it returns. A plumber told me it could be the hot water heater has bacteria build up. Is this possible?
        I have city water.
        I have a 2yr old Reliance 50gal gas-fired wtaer heater.

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        Avatar photoGaryPurolite1

          There could be a Sulfate Reducing Bacteria present. They will react with the Magnesium Rod in the water heater.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Your plumber knows his business and YES IT is possible for bacteria to grow inside your hot water tank.

            You can thank the lawyers and politicians for this new occurrence.
            Because people are no longer allowed to be responsible for their own action and they must be protected the powers that be had GAMA lower the hot water to a safe level to allow ANYTHING to live.

            You haven’t seen nothing yet, give it a few more years and watch the old and sickly die from bacteria growing in these tanks.

            The old lady getting burned from “hot coffee” is starting to cause ripples in every industry including plumbing.

            Watch in the next few years all the problems associated with dishwashers not doing a proper job and MORE chemicals will be added to drinking water AMAZING

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            Avatar photoGuest

              Thanks for the quick response. What should I do?

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              Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                Possibly flush out this tank and if it is safe ( No kids around) raise the temperature slightly

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                Avatar photoGuest

                  I will try that. But how come I only get the smell from 1 sink and no other? I posted this question under the drainage BBS (rotten eggs) Sound familiar?

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                  Avatar photobungie

                    Pull the trap out and clean it throughly. they are right about the bacteria, but its in the trap.

                    In Australia, the hot water system must be above 65c to kill the Legionella. But its law that we put on a tempering valve to all points that are “personal hygiene” basin shower ect, not kitchen sink laundry ect. That takes the temp below 55c

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