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      Whenever I turn on any of my faucet there is a noise in the piping system. It is shaking/vibrating noise. How do I get rid of this? replace PRV valve or have water authority replace water meter?

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      Check your piping for excessive UNSUPPORTED runs.

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      Turn off the stop cock to your dishwasher, still get the noise ??

      NO …. Turn off the water supply, disassemble the stop cock. Get a brass tap washer. Flatten the stem a little with a hammer till you need to lightly tap the washer into the tap stem. The tap washer should now not be able to move. Reassembly and test.

      YES …. Turn off the cold tap to your washing machine still get the noise ?? no, follow the above instruction.

      Yes …. Work your way around the house, one at a time turning off the hot and cold taps that are left on all the time ….. dishwasher, washing machine, hot water system, sometimes but very rare the tap to the WC.

      Still get the noise ??

      no …

      yes …

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      If you still have a problem after completing the above email me

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