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        I had a Phase 111 water heater installed a little over 1 year ago,just recently it had a hole in the coil, the co. than installed it told me my water pressure was too high, the water co.checked the pressure in my house and found it to be at57psi, flushing toilet at 50 psi. which I understand is normal,my question is could there have been something else for it to spring a leak in the coil?. before the water co came the oil co. put ina valve to lower the water pressure to 65. so the water co. took the reading from an outside faucet.and found I didnt need the valve the oil co. put in.I also would like to know if anyone else complained about this heater and if it was the same problem. is there a bullentin board on the internet that I can post such a question?Thank you!!!!!it cause a leak that was slow that damaged my living room rug.P.s. they also told me that this type of heater would never rust, the whole inside was rusted. so we had our water lab. tested and the mineral content was at a very low rate lower than normal,surgical steel will rust if lying in water all day!!!I know that now!! thank you again!!

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        Avatar photoMARYANNE

          Maryanne: Sounds to me like someone is telling a story to avoid an obvious in warranty failure. Check the guarantee that came with the heater to see what the limitations and exclusions are. Call the supplier of the equipment and insist on a refund or replacement(most water heaters carry a five year warranty on tank integrity.) Did the installer have a permit to install this heater? If he gives you a hard time tell him you are going to call the building dept. if he wont help with the problem. The pressure issue is not an issue just an excuse not to deal with a problem. Lots of luck…Bud

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