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        Two weeks ago, our water started turning brown when I added Clorox for cleaning purposes. Now, the toilet bowls are stained brown and there’s a nasty smell to the water from the taps, especially in the morning. We had the house re-piped with PCV pipe nine years ago, have flushed out our water heater, have no water softener or filters. The water company has tested from the outside faucet at the front of our house and says the water is safe for drinking. The Health Department says the water is safe for drinking but can’t imagine what’s making it turn brown all of a sudden. The plumber who repiped our house says he can’t think of anything that would cause this problem. None of our neighbors seem to notice anything unusual. The water main in front of our house has broken three times within the last 4-5 weeks and flooded the street. Water lines are also being replaced about four blocks down the street. But everybody denies that their work could be causing our water to change from clear and good to brown and nasty. We’re at our wits’ end. Where can we go for help now?

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          Take a sample of the water to a private testing company or a university. At least you will then know the content of the water will really be disclosed to you.

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            Sounds like a break in your main line the dirt will enter the pipe at the break. It may not come to the surface for some time or it may be in a location that is not apparent. I would have your water tested to ease your mind. This site will test a sample that you send them.

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