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      This is my second water heater that I have installed that has produced a rusty colored water. The first one was a Duron State w.h. the second was another Duron state w.h. The plumber says that the lining has failed. And that their is no other cause for the rusty water. Everything is copper or brass. I ran the water for as long as two hours and it did seem to flush but it returned to rusty not too long after. This is my third water heater and we have switched brands Rheem. Is this my problem the water heater, or is it something else? I have a whole house water softener and other water heaters that don’t do this. my cold water is not rusty. Help….

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      Hey Jim,

      The problem maybe with the water going into the water heater. Call a licensed Master Plumber find out if they can perform a water test on your drinking water, do you have a well? It sounds like a bateria problem in the well, maybe an iron issue, but like I said get a water test done by a reputable firm. None of these fly by night companies, make sure the equipment they want to install is a quality company ( Cuno, Maclean )get a firm quote, most Flat Rate companies will insist on giving you a quote,then make sure a Master plumbing does the installation. Good luck my friend.

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