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        My brother in-law replaced the water pipe coming from the city’s line all the way to my house with PVC 3/4-inch. This was about three and one-half years ago. Since then, I’ve found out that he should have used copper and that it should have been one inch. Also, he removed the main shut-off valve going into the house. I’m sure he had a reason for this, but it’s beyond me what it would be. What kind of problems can I anticipate as a result of the PVC pipe and the size of it? It’s obvious about the main shut-off valve. Also, I’m told that the house may not be grounded now because of the PVC. I’d appreciate any help. I’m having a plumber come to give me an estimate on what I need done.

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          How did your brother in law install these pipes with out a shut off some place?


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            The city came out and turned off their valve (from their line into mine). I guess my brother in-law removed my valve after he finished laying the pipe. And then the city came out again to turn on the water. I can access the city’s valve with a water key. But I’ve been told that I’ll be liable if it gets broken.

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              Never play with the council mains or valves, can you imagine what it will cost to fix
              1- excavator
              1- forman
              1- person to watch the excavator
              1- person to drive the truck
              1- person to boil the kettel for smoko
              1- person to hand dig the hole
              1- plumber
              1- person to lean on the shovel
              1- person back at the office to fill in the report

              AND the cost of the valve ect

              Dealing with any council is expensive

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