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      How can I get rid of mineral build up in a water heater I have a Mor- Flo G61-40T34-3pv. Is ther a Name brand for it, And how much do I use for a 40 Gal Tank. This is a Gas Heater.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Although boil-outs and cleanouts are done regularly on boilers (with the result that plumbing codes now require backflow preventer installation to safeguard against inattention – leaving acidic poison in the boiler that could flush into the city water mains) , doing this to domestic water applications is IMO looking for disaster.

      There are citric cleaners, but I am suspicious of ANY chemicals that can be ingested when left in a line or may weaken the heat exchanger of a high-pressure vessel like a gas water heater. These appliances are inexpensive enough to replace – and I think a new one is the cheapest insurance to be found.

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