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      Avatar photoAnonymous

        I said I would stick with this site in spite of Sylvan’s venom, but I was wrong. He has chased off a lot of good plumbers and he has succeeded once more. If it were only he that was the problem, I would stay, but when other users write that he is the best thing since sex and popcorn, then I realize that I am fighting a losing battle.

        It is doubful that Sylvan is even a plumber since he does not know that a washing machine needs, and has, an air gap on the water INLET, not the drain OUTLET. If he receives $135 for installing one 400A, then he may be the one who charged the mother of of the editor of one one of the plumbing magazines $270.00 for installing two of them. My responses have always been given based on the experience of 50 years in the plumbing trade, not on 50 years as a roofing contractor, welder, stationary engineer, etc., all of which should take about 100 years to master, and they are not cut and pasted from an encyclopedia article. I will be erasing the link to this site, so there are no replies necessary, unless Sylvan wants to gloat and glory in the fact that there may be no one left to correct his answers which often address the wrong question or are completely irrelevent to the one hedoes get right.

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          I know you can’t read this hj, because you’re not here any more; but I’ll miss you. You were a valuable part of the net excitement. TV and the news are full of political battles and the public loves to egg it on because they learn so much from different views.

          Widely different views are helpful to learning, if not confusing to many inexperienced visitors who have to decide between different information and are really looking for simple answers.

          Sylvan, you should learn from this; you are not going to be recommended for a diplomatic post. Those accusations about not having a license were done without proof, just guesses; next time ask for the license number first. You know that when you disagree with a plumber, he can easily walk off the job; but I forgive you for being human and not knowing everything to perfection. Maybe I can inspire you to write two humunguous posts to one of my answers in the future.

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          Avatar photobungie

            Its a shame that a wanker like sylvan got to you. Be honoured if you would hang around. We need plumbers here that give straight forward, honest answers, not people who use this forum to blow their own trumpet.

            Best to you and yours, from the bungie’s

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            Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

              Bungie – what’s a wanker? I hear that sometimes in NJ and NY (always said about other people.) I asked my wife and she doesn’t know either. Maybe we can understand Sylvan better if we know what he is.

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              Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                Hello Harold,

                Now FYI my esteemed friend here is your posting below.

                SNIP> “Sylvan, you should learn from this; you are not going to be recommended for a diplomatic post. Those accusations about not having a license were done without proof, just guesses; next time ask for the license number first.”< Snip

                Great point BUT your too late as that is the very 1st thing I asked Mr. HJ after I read his very dangerous advice and here was his reply when asked for a license number. SEE BELOW

                Snip> hj wrote on 10 August 2000 at 01:26 PM:
                I do not have to have anyone “pimp” for me. If I were still in Illinois, I would be a LMP, but here, theye consider an LMP an anachronism, sort of like the British Monarchy, whose time has past and is no longer necessary.< Snip (WHAT do you think this means?)

                Harold I don’t know about your thoughts on licensing BUT I certainly would not think about going to an unlicensed doctor or pilot OR even get on a bus knowing the driver couldn’t pass the simplest licensing tests.

                About being a diplomat your wrong as I work for several embassies and even met president Bush when he was in office and I was invited to serve on the president committee on housing BUT they didn’t pay enough for me to even consider the position.

                I work for Benin, Guinea and Kenya plus several other countries with never a problem with regard to personality conflicts.

                What I cannot stand is incompetence in any field, there is just too much of it going around lately and this is now being considered the norm.

                (Go to a fast food place and see if your order is correct or see how many folks milling around doing nothing on government jobs.)

                The erroneous pricing Mr. HJ gave is why a lot of talented folks wont come into this one time profession as they can make more carrying garbage for any big city or driving a taxi cab without the need of a 5 year apprenticeship.

                Think about this for one minute Harold.

                HJ quoted $1,200 for a bath room.

                Figuring even ONE MECHANIC 14 hours bottom line pricing (my actual cost of putting a man out in a van) of $65+ per HR would equal
                $910 that leaves $290 for materials.

                The Anti scald shower body cost me over $130
                The cast Iron or America cast tub figure low even $300 , then the tub waste new copper water lines shut off valves, etc., all this for $290.00 WHERE can you buy this?

                Now how about permits? How about the toilet and basin with the faucet are these FREE or just VERY,VERY,VERY cheap quality?

                Now lots of folks reading this will think any plumber charging a legitimate price over the price of $1,200 will think we are rip off artists not in business to make money JUST LIKE THEM.

                Go to any car dealer and look at the Labor rate for a skilled mechanic just about the same as ours.

                Rather then low ball folks into selling them JUNK I would rather walk away from the job.

                The advice HJ gave on just hooking up a simple washing machine was so off the wall with his cross connection someone would get sick in a heart beat.

                This is the reason a why licensing laws are in existence as the non licensed folks JUST DON’T KNOW CODES and a little knowledge is very dangerous.

                The discharge of a washing machine should be indirect through an air break and the water supply through an air gap.

                No physical connection so the waste cannot get into the potable water supply.

                His cheap mentality when it comes to installations is border line criminal as the use of illegal fittings he said he uses are contrary to some model codes.

                This board was set up to help us plumbers learn from one another and for the general public to get the right answers to their questions NOT get a band aid approach to plumbing.

                I must admit being slightly sarcastic doesn’t help making me friends and influencing people BUT I do it as acid humor still trying to get the point across.

                Plumbing/heating/drain cleaning and fire suppression systems I take very seriously as lives do depend on it and my education did not come cheap.

                About my pricing not conforming to his think about it.

                Ever go to an office building and look up a lawyer?

                Some lawyers charge over $280 per HR and some other guy charges $100 Who is wrong?

                Go to a gas station and write down prices THEN go to another gas station various prices for the same Octane huh WHY?

                I have no problem losing a job to another plumber charging more then I do for a quality job BUT I hate when im comparing Quality cast Iron to garbage plastic systems for drainage and folks go for cheap.

                It cost lots of money to train employees and it cost money to be properly insured.
                To get on this list and give handyman prices is ludicrous.

                I am far from being the most expensive plumber in NYC even though I wish I were.

                The cost of business varies all across the country granted BUT Quality in workmanship and materials still cost a heck of a lot more then this non licensed guy talked about.

                I cannot and will not compete with a stumble bum working out of his car trunk.

                Harold have a fantastic week end, and thank you for posting.

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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  Bungie said “Be honoured if you would hang around. We need plumbers here that give straight forward, honest answers”

                  I would Also deem it a Mitvah if YOU hired HJ to do your pricing.

                  I am sure you and HJ are the same mentality when it comes to knowing your true cost of doing business.

                  Please have HJ install your plumbing and put YOUR family at risk like he did on many of his posts on here.

                  Have a great one mate

                  Then see if you still would be “honoured” to have him hang around. YOU DESERVE HIM and his plumbing practices.

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                  Avatar photoGuest

                    HJ: Whoa! hang on a dad gum minute.
                    We both have 50+ years in the trade, we both have come across some things that have been a challenge in the course of that time. As you may know I have answered questions on this form for quite awhile(although not recently). In that time, you have demonstrated a sincere spirit of willingness to share your knowledge with those who had questions about plumbing and related issues. While I was answering inquiries, I was particularly tuned into those who could not afford a the single Mom trying to hold her family togeather on a minimum pay job…or maybe a senior citizen stuck with a near nothing income.
                    There is a word my Grand mother used “(Vel Schmere)” it means to have a sympathetic heart for those in need…Pity is not the best synonym, but close.
                    Before you unplug from this forum over a personality difference, consider the outcome,
                    who will be the ultimate losers..
                    the very folks I have alluded to above. There are good works to be done and few hands to do them.
                    Please consider this a request that you remain on stream until such time as a man of your abilties and character is passed the baton by you.
                    As radio commetator Paul Harvey says, “Heres the rest of the story”..I know Sylvan Tieger quite well. Although I have not met him personally, I feel that I probably know him better than most. The following is not meant to win you over to Sylvans camp, it is offered to qualify the state of affairs.
                    I am 10 or 20 years older than Sylvan but we both grew up in the Bronx (NYC. This is a very competitive place to survive in, and many didn’t.A place where nice guys finish last…dog eat dog and all.
                    I am surprised to this very day that I managed to escape my formative years with the milk of human kindness still resident and intact.
                    Believe it or not…in spite of what ever has occured to make you want to throw in the towell. Sylvan is a survivor of a tough neighborhood in a tough section of New York. And believe it or not he is a faker. He may splutter and make alot of noise, and go on like a crazy man at times. But basiciclly it is a defense mechanism that at times obscures the real person.
                    in reality, he is a real Patriot and a softy hiding behind a super achievers mask.
                    Do me a big favor…think it over, the world needs guys like you to help in the situations we have already discussed.
                    Bud Hardman
                    Suncoast Plumbing Inc.
                    Sunny Florida

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                    Avatar photoGuest

                      Well, Folks, If HJ were telling the truth, he is lone gone. I won’t waste my few remaining breaths on begging him to return. Anyone that gives up that easily, needs to hide. I think the real, true reason that HJ ran, is from his own insecurity, not from Sylvan’s posts.
                      Bud, you are a very bright man. Almost as bright as me.
                      I was going to suggest that Sylvan have his own board but along came you and along came me, so he has to share. I think it’s going to be called, “Pops,Bud,Sylvan” Board. Now we both know that if Sylvan is as egotistical as HJ made him out to be, the name will never be suitable to him. He will want it to be called “SYLVAN,pops & bud. Just a little old fashioned humor here.
                      This is a remarkable place for people to come and learn and I agree with Bud. We should help the needy.
                      Not only does this board help people who can’t afford the best, it is a place for great people of the trade to learn from one another.
                      I am too old to go out there now, but what a fun time I have coming here to something I know.
                      Learning new ways and loving every moment of it. I may not have too many left, but this place has given me enjoyment.
                      Way to go Sylvan and Bud.

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                      Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

                        I knew it would happen. Give a man a little room to talk and he’ll give you more information than you expected. Thanks again.

                        But I still don’t know what a wanker is; guess it’s a New York thing.

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                        Avatar photobungie

                          Harold Kestenholz, heres your answer

                          1- wanker
                          noun chronic masturbator; verb to wank
                          (KevSpeak) `I’ve given up wanking!’

                          2- Wanker a male that is really stupid but they think they are the greatest

                          3- “I would think that the people on the street and 90 per cent of Australia would agree with me, it’s only the knockers and the wankers who will be saying there’s something wrong with it.” Newcombe said the players didn’t mind criticism as long as it was justified.

                          4- HARRY MELBOURNE, Nov 8 AAP – A lawyer who effectively labelled a Victorian supreme court judge a “wanker” was not guilty of contempt of court, another senior judge ruled today.
                          “It may be offensive, but it is not contempt of court for a person to describe a judge as a wanker.

                          And in this case, a person that insults somebody to hide their own inadequacies.

                          Get the idea

                          ooooooops, sorry, this posting sounds like it would have come from Sylvan.

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                          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                            Get the idea

                            ooooooops, sorry, this posting sounds like it would have come from Sylvan.

                            Hey Aussie they maybe hope for you yet.

                            POPS and BUD thank you both from the bottom of my heart. When I grow up I want to be JUST like the both of you. Leaders of the industry.

                            May god bless you both YOU Bud are indeed a true MENCH

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                            Avatar photoGuest

                              Bungie, How could you be a Wanker. It takes balls to be a good Wanker.

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                              Avatar photobungie


                                The object in life is NOT to be the wanker

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                                Avatar photoGuest

                                  Bungie, I am 91 years old and I pray that I live to see the day that you, as I do now, only have dreams of being a Yanker. What in the world is wrong with being a Yanker. My wife has passed on and it’s too late for me to get a new bride. The nurse that I hire probably would charge too much and I wouldn’t get my money’s worth anyway because I forgot where my Yank is. Bungie, don’t give up, you may be able to be a Yanker. I’ll pray for you.

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                                  Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                                    Pops please forgive Bungie as he has no Winker to widdle it would

                                    You know that is why these British wanna be’s measure every thing in MM’s as it appears bigger then OUR inches which are a TRUE measure of things.

                                    Pops please forgive him as you now know WHY this island was for prison colonies. LMAO

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                                    Avatar photobungie

                                      Gawd, you cannot even get ya attempt at insults right.

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                                      Avatar photodaveroconn

                                        $200 bucks

                                        A guy goes over to his friend’s house, rings the bell, and the wife answers.

                                        ” Hi, is Tony home?”

                                        ” No, he went to the store.”

                                        “Well, you mind if I wait?”

                                        ” No, come in.”

                                        They sit down and the friend says “You know Nora, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen. I’d give you a hundred bucks if I could just see one.”

                                        Nora thinks about this for a second and figures what the hell – a hundred bucks. She opens her robe and shows one. He promptly thanks her and throws a hundred bucks on the table.

                                        They sit there a while longer and Chris says “They are so beautiful I’ve got to see the both of them. I’ll give you another hundred bucks if I could just see the both of them together.”

                                        Nora thinks about this and thinks what the hell, opens her robe, and gives Chris a nice long look. Chris thanks her, throws another hundred bucks on the table, and then says he can’t wait any longer and leaves.

                                        A while later Tony arrives home and his wife says “You know, your weird friend Chris came over. “

                                        Tony thinks about this for a second and says “Well did he drop off the 200 bucks he owes me?”

                                        Now thats a Wanker eh

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                                        Avatar photobungie

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                                          Avatar photoGuest

                                            Whats the story with the cordless tools? I have had Makita, now I can’t find batteries or parts. I recently went to a Tool Head Show and they had Black and Decker stuff, it looked cool.Why all the battery sizes? 9.6 volt, 14.8 12.6 what, what do I get. I want the sawzall and circular saw , they look like they would save mae and my monkees time. How do you know what do buy, do they hold up? Will my nitwits break them? But would a Master Plumber like me want this stuff? Or is it for Joe the Homeowner so he can cut his damn hand off, what?Does it last long, will they change the batteries again what? I’m just tired of being a pawn in this big brother tool industry, I want the good old day back when Milwaukee was the KING, no more junk for me. Does anyone want to help a fellow Tool Head give me some advice, you guys help me out. Thanks my brothers, it’s great to be posting on a board with Master Plumbers, this is the best. Now get to your key boards and help me, I have kids to feed and monkess to keep busy. Thanks again Brothers.

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