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      Recently I started getting s slow drain on a double kitchen sink and the water would well up in the empty part of the double sink. At the same time I started getting sewer gas smells in the sinks when they were sitting empty. I could eliminate this smell by letting water stand in the sinks with the plugs in place. The drain pipes themselves do not seem to be plugged. I am wondering if the vent for that stack is plugged from the falling needles of the numerous evergreens overhanging the house. If that is the case how would I best clean out the vent which is accessible only from the top end of the vent? Any suggestions/

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      No problem easiest thing to try is using a garden hose down the main vent terminal (roof vent outlet).

      Let this hose run as you check the low points for a possible drain stoppage as these pine needles find their way to another place to stop up.

      Let the water run for about 10 minutes THEN try the sink again Good luck

Viewing 1 reply thread
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