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      Avatar photoTorsten Welte

        My Mother has a Gas water heater that has gone thru several T&P valves because they were leaking. We finally put a reducing valve inline to a pressure of 70psi and it still leakes. HELP Please email th repsonse

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        Avatar photoDavid Lucero

          David: The problem is not the T&P valves. Most municipalities have installed BFPD (back flow prevention devices) at the meter. This is so they will be in compliance with the Federal mandate on improving the quality of the drinking water in the Country. This BFPD is in essence a double check valve at your water meter, it will let the water in, but wont allow it to leave. When the water comes into your home, it is 60 degrees fahr. When it gets to your heater, it starts to expand as it is heated. Water is not able to be compressed, so it pushes open your T&P valve as it continues to expand due to the heating. What you need to do is to install a thermal expansion tank in the cold water feed line to the heater…that will solve the mystery of the hyper-active T&P valve. These tanks are available at your friendly neighborhood plumbing supply house, and come with complete instructions for installation. Bud.. Suncoast Plumbing Inc. Sunny Florida.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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