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      Wayne Maxwell Finlayson

      Keep posting, man. I learn more from Sylvan’s answers to your post than from a heap of books and a year of experience. One post is a business course. Thanks, Sylvan.

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      Your very welcome Harold.

      What IDIOTS fail to realize is the TRUE COST of running a legitimate business.

      Common sense tells an employer he has to be able to make enough money to not only pay his employees properly to retain them BUT he/she must also make enough to re invest in the company with more training and equipment.

      This cretin saying plumbers can install a bathroom for $1,200 is taking OUT HOUSE PLUMBING.

      Even if your only paying a mechanic $200 per day WHAT about the other aspects of running a business?

      I cannot stand stupidly and this guy is the king of idiots.

      Every post he puts he talks CHEAP. Doesn’t everyone deserve to make a decent living especially the folks doing technical trades where they invested in 5 years training (apprenticeship)?

      For Pete sake even a hamburger flipper today makes $7.00 per HR HOW in good conscience could anyone pay a highly skilled person min wages?

      I can imagine the kind of work this kind of pricing brings in.

      A real menace to society. Using inferior materials and minimum skill level stumble bums like illegal day workers BUT hey they do work CHEAP nothing was said about doing it RIGHT.

      This kind of mentality is what you read about when a piping system fails.

      No wonder some employers say they is a shortage of labor.
      Why not if the employees figures all the schooling required to be a plumber THEN get paid rock bottom prices.

      All folks deserve a decent quality of life Irving conditions ESPECIALLY the folks who hire you for the right job NOT a band aid approach with the worst crap possible being installed.

      Stumble bums not knowing the true cost of running a business makes it bad for everyone including the poor victims they work for.

      Have a great week end Harold and thank you.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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