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        In the state of Virginia where can you go to school in order to get your master plumber license???


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          Its usually not as simple as going to a school, taking a test and gettng a license. You have to go through an apprenticeship program with an experienced plumber, spending hours on the job. Then you take a journeyman test and if passed, you work as a journeyman and get more experience after such time you take the master exam and then you are a master plumber !!

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            Jessica do you want to be a Plumber? I think that it is one of the most rewarding proffesions. It will take some time but I think you may enjoy it. Start off with your local PHCC trade group they can direct you. Ask a lot of questions about the school, check references. Good luck.

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              Hi Jessica, If you honestly stick with plumbing and learn as much as you can you can make a great living. My top mechanic I was paying $55.00 per HR in the envelope for a 35 HR work week.

              There are no short cuts unfortunately and what you put in you get out.

              Once you decide to start a 5 year apprenticeship you can decide what if anything you would like to specialize in after graduation.

              If you have any questions please feel free to E mail me Or if you would like After you decide to take the plunge I would be more then happy to bring you on my plumbers list which happens to have not only plumbers but drain cleaners and HVAC folks plus manufacturers and one Lady who has over 25,000 EMPLOYEES under her direct supervision. Hey its something to think about.

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