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      I have an Insinkerator Model 1-79 just over a year old and it will not work. It just hums when turned on. It is free with no binds but just hums. (1) Is there any warranty beyond 1 year, and (2) what can I do to fix it beyond just replacing it?


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      1- I have no idea as to the warranty period in the USA

      2- are you sure its free ?? REMOVE THE POWER LEAD FROM THE POWER POINT. On the under side of the unit is a socket to take a hex key, you can turn the blades from this piont to make sure its clear

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      Hi Richard, some companies extend the normal warrantee if this device was installed by a licensed master plumber.

      ISE is a great company offering fine products and they do have extended warrantees over one year
      (I think up to 5 years)

      What you can do is look at your service manual and you will see
      a diagram of where to place this offset Allen key to unjam a simple binding.
      The main thing is to leave the power off DO NOT disconnect any wires as there is no valid reason to.

      Take this Allen key and go both clockwise and counter clockwise then run the water and try it again. This normally does the trick

      Please keep me posted

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      Your garbage units are hardwired into the power supply??

      Makes it a pain in the ass to take it outside to flush it

Viewing 3 reply threads
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