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        Strong odor is coming from the bath tub drain hole and I am not sure if the tub outlet goes to the septic tank. Ive tried several cleaners with no success and I dont know what else to do. The other day I poured some colored water into the tubs drain hole and it seems to flow out of the house and into a drain within the perimeter of the house. Does this mean that the tub does not drain into the septic tank? But I certainly getting an odor so strong that it is affecting my life.Ive read some of the problems related here with regards to Septic odor and the recommendation is Hydrated Lime. Where do I get this? Ive check with the local hardware stores and came out NIL. Any other alternative?I hope someone have a solution for (1)neutralise the odor (2)prevent future occurrence.Thank You in Advance

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