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      Is there any truth to the rumor that it is safer to drink water out of the cold water tap instead of the hot water tap? (ie because the hot water has sediment in it??)

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      I have always thought this to be true as well, and am very curious as to the answer. Please e-mail me too!!

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      John…and Lisa: In my very humble opinion, you are far better off from the health standpoint in drinking water that has made a pass through your water heater, for the following reasons… 1. The chlorine that accompanies all water supplied by municipalities is driven off in the heating process. 2. There is actually less sediment in the hot water that leaves the tank, than there is in the cold water that goes into the tank. 3. The exposure to heat has a tendency to have a sterilizing effect on any critters that may have snuck under the fence. The sediment found in the bottom of a wter tank, is the result minerals disolved in the water being precipitated out under the heat and pressure of the water heater environment.So, my opinion is that hot water is better for you(but cool it of course before drinking.)Bud.. Suncoast Plumbing Inc. Sunny Florida.

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