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      Avatar photoAnonymous

        We moved into a house that has a whirlpool tub in the master bath but no shower. What material do I need and how do I go about putting in a shower?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          1- A shower body Anti Scald type
          2- A lead pan 30 “x 30″ min PLUS allowing for the 6” of wall each side BUT the step in
          3-drain and waste piping NHCI
          4-fittings including a 2″ P trap
          5-A permit for adding the new fixture.
          6- Copper tubing Type L and fittings
          7- some cement and sand and tiles
          8-A shower drain JR Smith or equal
          either inside caulked Or No hub
          9-Insurance compensation, liability
          10- A plumbers license would be nice to have
          11- A level and plumb bob
          12- solder fittings and solder grit
          cloth and wire brush and flux brush.
          13- A jack hammer and tile cutter and ruler
          14-A fire extinguisher
          15- a fuel tank Propane/Mapp/Acetylene
          16- A tubing cutter with reamer
          17- Reciprocating saw with metal and wood and sheet rock blades
          18- A lead “dresser” and some small pieces of 2×4’s
          19- 3/4″ CDX plywood
          20-copper roofing nails
          21- joint compound
          22- Wonder board
          23-A keyhole saw
          24- Joint tape and putty knife (tapers kind)
          25- Drop cloth
          26- torque wrench 60 in pounds setting
          27- Band aids, safety glasses, gloves
          28- Wet dry vacuum
          29- sheet rock knife
          30- lead & oakum plus tools
          31-tetanus shot
          32- Shower doors/curtin
          33- How to booklet
          34- Depending on local code what kind of piping materials and size of vent waste lines and developed length from trap to main vent is allowed.
          35- Are you going to allow for hot water expansion and contraction?
          36- Silver brazing alloy melting point above 1100 deg F. Then you can use self fluxing type alloy on copper

          UNLESS your just going to install a showerbody on the existing whirlpool OR use a
          hand held type on the NEW Tub spout you may want to think about buying Decisions,Decisions

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          Avatar photopkhefley

            I guess I should have been more specific, I just want to run the plumbing in the already existing bathtub and turn it into a shower/bath. From the previous reply to my question, it makes me want to start looking up plumbers!

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            Avatar photoGuest

              1- Go to the local hardware/plumbing supply and buy a kit that consists of a diverter bath spout and a shower rose on a flexable hose.
              2- Install it yourself.

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              Avatar photohj

                It depends on how the existing tub is configured. If it is set onto a deck, then a conventional shower set up will not work, since the water that gets onto the surrounding area will not be able to drain into the tub. If the spout is on the tub rim, rather than out of the wall, then the Add-a-shower will also not work because that type will not work on a deck mount.If you have a deck mounted fixture, then you will have to remove the front panel, (assuming it is above the floor and has a marble surround), and install a hand held shower and a three port diverter valve to select between the tub and the shower. You might still want to look up plumbers.

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                Avatar photoSylvanLMP

                  Before you go off running to a hardware store like bungie said I think you may want to contact the whirlpool manufacturer 1st.

                  You see a lot of whirlpool jets can get clogged with some types of soaps.

                  Contact the manufacturer in writing and ask what they suggest you can use if your going to use this whirlpool as a combination shower stall.

                  Have a great one and Thank you again for your E mail Sylvan.

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                  Avatar photobungie

                    Since the tub is installed in the master bathroom, we can assume that a lot of soap has all ready gone through the system

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